Luke and Vicky Gouldsborough





This was our first trip in the camper (or any vw camper) and it was great. So easy to rock up at the camp site and set up, and within 20 minutes we had the bbq and a chilled glass of the complimentary fizz (lovely little touch). The camper is filled with everything you need to head out on an adventure, all we needed was food and our clothes and all the other necessities were there (even the tea and coffee!).

Considering this was our first time in a camper we were a little nervous about how to set up but the handover was excellent, complete with instructions that we referred to countless times.

We slept on the bed in the roof both nights (that was a fun climb up the first time), it was nice and comfortable and was lovely to open up the sides and get the breeze in the morning and watch the campsite. Bacon sarnies in the morning were so easy to make with the cooker, again everything we needed to cook and eat all provided.
Even with all the gear that’s crammed into the camper there was space to put our clothes; boxes in the boot to put our shoes and plenty of hidden storage which is a bonus.
The only downside...we only took it for two nights, we didnt want to give it back :-)