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#easy cooking #camping treats with #AjAdventures

If like us, you love #camping and still want to eat yummy food, here’s a couple of easy #recipes.

#Nacho Heaven

For those with the added luxury of an oven! Pre heat it on a low setting.

In a small pan heat a tin of Taco mixed beans in tomato sauce.

Take a large square of tin foil & spread a layer of nachos on the foil. Sprinkle with grated cheese.

Add a few spoonful’s of Taco mixed beans then repeat until you have a couple of layers, finish off with a layer of grated cheese.

Pop the tin foil nachos onto a baking tray & heat through until cheese melted. Around 15mins depending on power of camping oven should do.

Serve straight from the tin foil, no need for plates! Perfect!

Sensational #Smoked mackerel pate A delicious treat in mins!

Take a pack of #smoked mackerel fillets & chop in to small pieces.

Combine with a 200g tub of #cream cheese, it doesn’t have to be a branded one!

Add a sprinkling of black pepper, mix well until it’s a nice consistency.

Serve with your favourite bread or crackers.

If you have facility to toast then warm bread is a great accompaniment!

#George the #VW Campervan has some fab #Summit collapsible bowels to keep any left overs fresh, although it’s so yummy there probably won’t be!

#Sophisticated Sausage

It’s written in law that #camping requires sausages! But if you fancy something a little more sophisticated and easy then this quick tip will hopefully inspire you!

Add a tiny bit of oil to your #pan cook #sausages in the pan until just about done, turn heat down & add a few spoonful’s of #caramelised onion chutney.

Warm through and serve with whatever you fancy, delicious! #North Of England based sausage company #Country Valley Foods do a great variety of sausages as well as other top quality meat .

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